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Jess and Tammie Wet Oily Swimsuits
Added 1/1/12    15545 views
$19.00 10% off!
We join the Girls at a swanky house where they are looking forward to getting very wet, messy and oily in a nice wetroom we found! Dressed in Shiny Spandex leggings to begin with they chat about what they are hoping to get upto before leading us to...
Bathtub Girls
Added 7/7/17    1884 views
$15.00 10% off!
Well this was a surprise shoot, as i was working as an assistant to a photographer for the day. He was working with Jana and Ajona on an art nude project. We actually finished ahead of time and i managed to get a couple of clips with the two. Amazing...
Tory in the Bubble Bath
Added 4/7/16    2177 views
$10.99 10% off!
One of the great things in producing clips of shinywear and swimsuits is all the great places i travel too. Now this bath took over 10mins to fill and then just add the classy Tory and you have the perfect clip She looks awesome in her red swimsu...
3 Sexy Wet Girls
Added 4/12/16    2577 views
$12.99 10% off!
Well here is 3 of the best, in 3 different styles of swimsuit. Terrie Hawkes, Sophie Star, Kat Dee braved what was a freezing cold pool on a windy day. They look stunning in and out of the suits. Sorry for any wind noise, but you would have to pay...
Charlie and Katy in the Hot Tub
Added 2/25/16    3884 views
$13.99 10% off!
Heres a clip with Charlie and Katy, one in a happy smile swimsuit, the other in a red pvc full body suit. Watch how they both strip each other. Stunning figures on both these awesome models, especially when wet.
Soapy Bike Wash with Jodie Ellen and Sophie Starr
Added 3/24/16    2053 views
$13.99 10% off!
The second part to our summer motorbike wash, with Jodie and Sophie. With the weather so warm, watch as the swimsuits get wet and soapy. Then they use them to finish cleaning the bike. Wonderful summer fun.
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Demi and Louisa Fun
Added 6/30/18    1035 views
$12.00 10% off!
Well here's 4 clips, they are short, but hence the price and being a bundle of four. If you like big boobs, getting wet or messy, then this is for you. These clips show two perfect beauties, either in the shower or playing with something a little mes...
Amber West Shower
Added 7/2/18    890 views
$9.00 10% off!
Sweet Amber has a quick shower after the shoot, so watch as she gets soaked in the swimsuit and then strips out to finish washing herself. Fantastic body with beaming smile, what more could you ask for in the shower
Danielle Hot Tub Wonder
Added 2/27/16    2765 views
$12.99 10% off!
Wonder Women comic swimsuit on the fantastic Danielle Maye. Watch as she gets it wet, gives the perfect tease and then strips off. Amazing body and you get to see it all. Totally a wonder woman with or without the suit.
2 files
Added 8/1/18    784 views
$30.00 10% off!
Well here we have 3 top beauties in a paddling pool of jello. They get covered in the stuff, its amazing to watch, plus they get mega horny with each other, always a good plus, over 20mins of pyre jello fun.
AmberJ's Bubble Bath
Added 3/16/16    3217 views
$12.99 10% off!
Staying with the bubble bath theme, take a look at the stunning AmberJ in the bath. She really knows how to show off that swimsuit, plus the beauty of seeing her amazing body.
Xangel in Custard
Added 5/17/15    2080 views
$8.99 10% off!
Angel doesn't like the smell of custard which is a bit unfortunate as she's about to be covered in it. She starts off by stripping naked and preparing for the mess. She lays down on the floor and awaits. It comes soon enough--the first layer of cu...
Wam Intro
Added 4/29/15    1183 views
$6.45 10% off!
Here we introduce a model to her first messy shoot. Stripping off then we proceed to let her have items to play with. The cream from the fridge is a little cold and just watch it run and her reaction Strawberry sauce warms her up. Shot before d...
Sam in a Pie Quiz
Added 4/29/15    1447 views
$7.00 10% off!
Well this is a home made bar quiz, but with the best difference, a stripping Sam and shes paid by pie, if the answers are wrong. Shot way back when digital was a dream, but everyone loves a classic

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