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Jenny Shower
Added 7/28/17    3116 views
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The amazing Jenny in a realise swimsuit is a clip not to be missed, especially as shes retired from modeling. Into the amazing rainfall shower, soaked from start to finish, water running off the suit and skin. Her youthful looks and cute smile make...
Bathtub Girls
Added 7/7/17    1599 views
$15.00 10% off!
Well this was a surprise shoot, as i was working as an assistant to a photographer for the day. He was working with Jana and Ajona on an art nude project. We actually finished ahead of time and i managed to get a couple of clips with the two. Amazing...
Mandy Slim Car Wash
Added 6/2/17    1167 views
$15.00 10% off!
Here we have a clip of the amazing Dutch model Mandy Slim. As you'll see most of the soapy water gets to cover Mandy, but who were we to stop her. Plus those long long legs and fit body were enough to stop us thinking of the car being cleaned. Enjoy...
3 Sexy Wet Girls
Added 4/12/16    2324 views
$12.99 10% off!
Well here is 3 of the best, in 3 different styles of swimsuit. Terrie Hawkes, Sophie Star, Kat Dee braved what was a freezing cold pool on a windy day. They look stunning in and out of the suits. Sorry for any wind noise, but you would have to pay...
Tory in the Bubble Bath
Added 4/7/16    2053 views
$10.99 10% off!
One of the great things in producing clips of shinywear and swimsuits is all the great places i travel too. Now this bath took over 10mins to fill and then just add the classy Tory and you have the perfect clip She looks awesome in her red swimsu...
Soapy Bike Wash with Jodie Ellen and Sophie Starr
Added 3/24/16    1889 views
$13.99 10% off!
The second part to our summer motorbike wash, with Jodie and Sophie. With the weather so warm, watch as the swimsuits get wet and soapy. Then they use them to finish cleaning the bike. Wonderful summer fun.
AmberJ's Bubble Bath
Added 3/16/16    2914 views
$12.99 10% off!
Staying with the bubble bath theme, take a look at the stunning AmberJ in the bath. She really knows how to show off that swimsuit, plus the beauty of seeing her amazing body.
Danielle Hot Tub Wonder
Added 2/27/16    2500 views
$12.99 10% off!
Wonder Women comic swimsuit on the fantastic Danielle Maye. Watch as she gets it wet, gives the perfect tease and then strips off. Amazing body and you get to see it all. Totally a wonder woman with or without the suit.
Charlie and Katy in the Hot Tub
Added 2/25/16    3618 views
$13.99 10% off!
Heres a clip with Charlie and Katy, one in a happy smile swimsuit, the other in a red pvc full body suit. Watch how they both strip each other. Stunning figures on both these awesome models, especially when wet.
Jodie Ellen and Sophie Starr
Added 2/13/16    2123 views
$9.99 10% off!
Watching Jodie and Sophie wash a motorbike is a complete pleasure. Dry to wet swimsuits, soap suds flying. Theres a second part to this, but this clip is pure non-nude, wont take much of an imagination to think messy thoughts. The nude clip will b...
Ella Hot Tub
Added 2/12/16    2703 views
$9.99 10% off!
In the wonderful sunshine, Ella shows her stunning figure off, with the help of a speedo swimsuit and a shimmering hot tub. Yes we did get to close to the water, but i did want a good clip for you.
Xangel in Custard
Added 5/17/15    1969 views
$8.99 10% off!
Angel doesn't like the smell of custard which is a bit unfortunate as she's about to be covered in it. She starts off by stripping naked and preparing for the mess. She lays down on the floor and awaits. It comes soon enough--the first layer of cu...
Dolly Wetroom
Added 5/15/15    2096 views
$9.99 10% off!
One of our fav models, who we just had to get dripping wet. The youthful looks, classy tornado swimsuit and this has the makings of a great clip. Watch as she teases you as she gets wet, now now this is a clean clip The wet look of a white swims...
2 files
Lyndzey 2parts
Added 5/12/15    1383 views
$8.50 10% off!
Part 1 Lyndzey sits in an indestructible chair and waits. Her boyfriend applies the mess, first pouring custard all over while Lyndzey spreads it all over her naked body. Now for some squirty cream. Nice work if you can get it, but we need some d...
Lisa and Baked Beans
Added 5/10/15    1639 views
$5.50 10% off!
Cold Baked beans. Some people love them. Lisa definitely didn't. But she didn't tell me till after the shoot although I suspected something as most of them went all over her naked body. But still that's what we were after really, so thanks lisa....
Taz Mess
Added 5/9/15    1445 views
$7.50 10% off!
We had seen some of Tazmin's fine art nude pics and were inspired by them to create this colorful video. She starts off naked, laying on a plastic sheet. She then assumes the fetal position and my assistant pours yellow custard all over her back....
Sam in Custard Undies
Added 5/8/15    2251 views
$8.00 10% off!
Could it be that she didn't want to get her hair messy? It's a simple video thoough. To start with, Sam strips out of her yellow silk bra and pants (but keeps the helmet on) and lays on a plastic sheet. This could get messy. My assistant is told...
Added 5/8/15    2528 views
$9.99 10% off!
The stunning Sofia on her first shoot for us. We had already sorted the perfect costume for her, one that really showed off all her beautiful curves. Watch how we totally soak her and the suit, just love watching the water running off her skin and...
Nina and Custard
Added 5/7/15    1430 views
$5.00 10% off!
Another nice simple video starring Nina. Nina is the only model I have used who didn't really want to be nude so we decided that a skin-coloured thong would be ok to wear. So, naked, apart from the thong, she walks into the kitchen, opens the cupbo...
Sam Gets Sticky
Added 5/4/15    1205 views
$7.00 10% off!
This was filmed in a dining room, so we were trying not to get too much mess on the floor. So the answer is obvious: make sure it goes all over Sam and nowhere else! Starting off nude, she applies a sticky layer of raspberry sauce. The hope was th...
2 Girl Icing Fun
Added 5/3/15    1216 views
$12.00 10% off!
The Tiger and the zebra. Well I want you to decide if this is fine art or just a fine old mess. Debbie and Lpuise get naked. They have two packs of icing, one white and one black, and they decide to decorate each other as wild animals, hence a tig...
Faith Gets Messy
Added 5/2/15    1344 views
$5.00 10% off!
Faith is sitting naked in our living room and is prepared for a messy time. "In ur face" is just as it happens as Faith just sits there and various messy components are thrust straight into her face. It starts with a pink foam pie just as a tester...
Sam and Cheesecake
Added 5/1/15    1001 views
$5.00 10% off!
Well you offer the model a tasty Strawberry cheesecake and what happens, they become all picky about strawberries. I think it was just a ruse to stop us thinking she was a messy eater. Shot when digital was a dream, but everyone loves a classic
Custard and Coco Pops
Added 5/1/15    759 views
$5.50 10% off!
We start with her already laying naked in the bath when a hand appears, passing her the first course: custard. She pours it on herself and spreads it all over. The mystery hand then passes her the packets of Cocopops which she opens and sprinkles a...
Sweet Kitchen Fun
Added 5/1/15    800 views
$6.00 10% off!
In this one, Jamielee starts off fully naked, and using her fingers spreads jam straight out of the jar on to her body. Then she pours cream over herself and rubs it in before topping it all off with some chocolate sauce. All this looks perfect aga...
Hayley Choccy Studio
Added 5/1/15    767 views
$4.50 10% off!
We had been doing an arty nude photo set before this and asked Hayley if she would be interested in doing a simple messy set after. "Yes, no problem," she said. All we wanted to use on this was some chocolate syrup, but lots of it. Hayley started...
Halloween Pies
Added 5/1/15    1501 views
$4.50 10% off!
She sits naked waiting for the impending doom. Who is that man in the mask? What has he got in his hands? Oh no.it's shaving foam pies. "They can't be for me" she thinks. But Oh Yes they certainly are. Shot before digital, but everyone loves a...
Charlotte Pie Drop
Added 5/1/15    994 views
$5.50 10% off!
So Charlotte comes into the kitchen and see's the cheesecake on the counter. Picking it up she starts to scoop the cream off the top, but in a split second, the cake slips and you hear the splat as it hits the floor. Now being a good girl, plus wan...
Angel in the Kitchen
Added 5/1/15    731 views
$8.00 10% off!
Angel starts off in underwear and starts to pour strawberry sauce down herself. She always wanted to be a vampire and the sauce does look the part. How about some chocolate spread as well? Yes, why not? Get yourself really messy, and I've got so...
Abbi Bike Wash
Added 5/1/15    1417 views
$5.50 10% off!
We wanted Abbi to do a photo shoot on our bikes and she agreed. All was going well until she got some oil on her leg, so there was only one thing to do: wash it off. And why not wash down the bikes while you're at it, and wash down yourself, too!

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