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Ripped and Wet Leotard and Pantyhose Sex
Added 1/30/12    13506 views
$19.99 10% off!
Natasha and Rhoman return to Shinyvideos to fuck in Spandex! We sent Natasha out to the hotel gym to work out and get horny whilst me and Rhoman wait for her to return. She comes back wearing a white long sleeved Spandex leotard with white pantyhos...
Shower Double Latex Dildo Pant Fun
Added 3/27/12    21108 views
$29.99 10% off!
The video starts with Chloe naked dangling a pair of transparent latex dildo pants in front of the camera, telling us that she is up for some fun and we watch as she slowly slides DP over her sexy body. Watch as she inserts the dildo deep into her p...
Anna Wetlook Leggings and Swimsuit--Mud!
Added 6/24/10    12983 views
$10.00 10% off!
Anna loves the outdoors. She always likes pushing the boundaries, so she heads off to the beach dressed in a pair of black wetlook spandex leggings and bronze wetlook thong swimsuit. Its not quite the beach she imagined, though, as it was very very...
Demi Scott Spandex Catsuit Gunge 1
Added 5/21/10    13277 views
$9.99 10% off!
The video starts with Demi in a skin-tight yellow spandex catsuit; It's silky soft, shiny & brand new! She can't wait to ruin it & cover it and herself with red gunge! She has a bucket at her feet, she slowly scoops up the gunge and pours it over h...
Jess West See-thru Wet Swimsuit in Hot Tub
Added 11/25/10    15213 views
$14.99 10% off!
Jess starts the scene in a white Asics swimsuit on the decking by the house. She teases you twirling round and showing off the front and the back of the swimsuit. She then walks down into the garden and lies down on a a mat, showing us a sexy camel...
Demi Scott Wet Spandex Catsuit in Swimming Pool
Added 12/3/10    17520 views
$9.99 10% off!
Demi joins us dressed head-to-toe in a shiny yellow Lycra catsuit. Her big boobs are encased in the spandex and her curvy figure looks great with the spandex clinging to every curve. She has some fun getting all wet in the pool. Making the spandex...
Jess P. Masturbates in an Swimsuit in the Shower
Added 2/19/10    9047 views
$14.99 10% off!
Jess P. is all horny, and she has been trying on swimsuits all day. She is hot and wants to shower in her favorite swimsuit. It's a very rare white Asics swimsuit from Japan, which is made of a very thin material. She soon realizes that it goes s...
Jenny Shower
Added 7/28/17    4106 views
$25.00 10% off!
The amazing Jenny in a realise swimsuit is a clip not to be missed, especially as shes retired from modeling. Into the amazing rainfall shower, soaked from start to finish, water running off the suit and skin. Her youthful looks and cute smile make...
Natasha and BF Wet in Adidas Catsuits
Added 9/9/11    9101 views
$10.99 10% off!
Natasha and her boyfriend are all horny after playing together in bed pulling cameltoes and wedgies in their Adidas Full Body Lycra Catsuits. They head to the shower where they both get very wet. The catsuits cling to their bodies and Rhoman makes...
White Speedo S2000 Wet Swimsuit Shower Scene
Added 3/4/10    8633 views
$7.99 10% off!
Watch Crystal show off her sexy White Speedo S2000 swimsuit, including a fantastic camel toe. She gets all hot and showers in her swimsuit. Watch it get wet as camel toe show continues.
Natalie (Demi Scott) Gets All Wet in Her Swimsuit
Added 2/10/11    11876 views
$9.99 10% off!
Natalie is wearing an old-school swimsuit in the pool in this video. Starting off dry you see the swimsuit change colour as it gets wet and go semi-see-thru. She bounces her massive boobs in the pool and pulls herself out to show you her wet butt....
Natalie Gets Wet in a Blue Swimsuit
Added 4/14/10    7409 views
$6.99 10% off!
Watch Natalie shower & get her big boobs soaking wet in this very tight blue swimsuit. You get to see the front & back of the swimsuit wet along with Natalie showing off her sexy swimsuit-clad wet bum
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Demi and Louisa Fun
Added 6/30/18    1035 views
$12.00 10% off!
Well here's 4 clips, they are short, but hence the price and being a bundle of four. If you like big boobs, getting wet or messy, then this is for you. These clips show two perfect beauties, either in the shower or playing with something a little mes...
Natalie Showers in Thong Swimsuit
Added 3/4/10    10006 views
$7.99 10% off!
Big Boobed Natalie showers in a blue wetlook thong swimsuit. She stands up, bends over & sits in the bottom of the shower, whilst making the swimsuit look even wetter!
Sami Getting Soaked in a Shower
Added 7/3/18    1006 views
$7.00 10% off!
This is for those lovers of seeing a young beauty getting totally soaked. As you will see from the previews, Sami has a stunning figure, which is perfect for showing off the swimsuit. This is a non-nude version, as there was only so much water she co...
Jodie Showers in a Blue/Red Swimsuit & Strips
Added 4/14/10    5446 views
$3.99 10% off!
Watch Jodie shower in a blue/red swimsuit in her bathroom. She chats to the camera and then strips naked at the end.
3 Spandex Clad Girls + Mud
Added 6/7/10    13873 views
$14.99 10% off!
Natalie always wanted to get muddy in a video shoot, so she persuades Beth & Jess to head down to the private beach & have some fun in the mud! Natalie is in a Bronze Wetlook Thong Swimsuit with Silver Spandex Leggings, Beth in a Red Spandex Thong L...
Elle Showers in a Elle Swimsuit
Added 1/8/11    6334 views
$7.99 10% off!
Elle puts on a sexy black swimsuit and then showers for us, getting her swimsuit and big boobs all wet for us.
Anna Spandex Custard Catsuit: Part 2
Added 6/1/10    6345 views
$9.99 10% off!
Anna continues to cover her not-so-shiny Black Spandex Catsuit with custard, ensuring the catsuit gets fully-covered in the sticky custard! Once she is completely covered, she rubs it into the spandex before showering clean (still dressed in the cat...
Crystal J-lube & Speedo S2000 Swimsuit
Added 3/4/10    8667 views
$9.99 10% off!
Crystal covers her sexy wetlook Speedo S2000 Swimsuit in slippy slidey see-through j-lube. She gets the swimsuit really wet & messy before showering it off.

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