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Demi and Chocolate Skin Care
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1310 views
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In this one, the blonde Yorkshire lass starts off wearing black bra and pants. She spreads chocolate icing all over the parts of her uncovered body. She then removes her underwear and continues, first with strawberry syrup and then with good old sq...
Jodie in Black
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1029 views
$6.45 10% off!
Jodie dressed in black. Well, dark brown actually, but it's near enough to black for me. Once again Jodie gets messy for us. She starts off naked as usual and very artistically spreads chocolate icing all over. I particularly like the way she put...
Jo and Choccy Spread
Added 11/4/18    By Yammie    1063 views
$6.00 10% off!
This is set in Jo's kitchen and is a really simple video. Jo was asked to spread some chocolate icing all over her naked body (while we watched of course). She seemed to quite like the idea and looks as though she thoroughly enjoyed doing it. She...
Jodie and Tasha..Hands
Added 4/30/15    By Yammie    895 views
$6.45 10% off!
Jodie and Tasha in Messy Hands. We are back again with Jodie and her Friend in their kitchen. What's in store for them this time? They start off nude and Jodie says that she is going to get Tasha messy. She spreads chocolate icing thickly on her...
Jodie in White
Added 4/30/15    By Yammie    1664 views
$7.50 10% off!
You've seen Jodie in black; Now let's change the scene and cover Jodie's naked body in white icing. Starting off fully-dressed, she strips and spreads white icing all over her body. Next she pours chocolate syrup straight down her front as a nice c...
2 Girl Icing Fun
Added 5/3/15    By Yammie    1452 views
$12.00 10% off!
The Tiger and the zebra. Well I want you to decide if this is fine art or just a fine old mess. Debbie and Lpuise get naked. They have two packs of icing, one white and one black, and they decide to decorate each other as wild animals, hence a tig...
Nicola Icing
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1000 views
$6.45 10% off!
She is naked in the kitchen when she reaches up for some tubs of icing. "You want me to use these?" she says. "Yes, please," we say. She picks up the tubs and starts spreading the icing on her body: first chocolate, then white icing. Once she thi...
Charlotte Icing
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    903 views
$6.50 10% off!
okay so we made up sets of icing sugar in a couple of colours, to start with we see Charlotte use the pink, then the chocolate mix, the yellow and light blue. Now this takes body art to a new level.
Tazmin Icing
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    960 views
$8.00 10% off!
Well, messy and artistic anyway. See her as she comes for a wam shoot. She strips naked in preparation as do all our models. Just as tho she were icing a cake, she spreads white icing all over her body. Looks good but it's missing some colour. S...
Icing Abbi
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1294 views
$11.00 10% off!
Well it's much more fun than icing a cake. Abbi starts off naked and gently spreads white icing down one side of herself, followed by black icing down the other. Very artistic, I'm sure you'll agree. So lets top it off with a liberal coating of ic...

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