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Charlotte Messy
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    1470 views
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Charlotte gets well and truly cover in anything we had to hand. Such a beautiful young lady who wanted to play messy with us. She unrobes and we start with tinned spaghetti, then different custards, spray canned cream, some fruit cocktail mix, she...
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Wet and Messy Spandex Sex
Added 8/15/11    By Yammie    43480 views
$29.99 10% off!
Nicola sent me a message asking whether we'd be interesed in filming her and her man getting all messy whilst fucking. We of course said yes! nd turned up to watch this messy feast. Nicola was wearing some very shiny ribbed leggings with a swimsui...
Axa Messy Sweet PE Kit Quiz
Added 12/22/11    By Yammie    11664 views
$19.99 10% off!
Axa is summoned to our Zentai quiz master outside in her PE kit featuring a white cotton t-shirt, shiny nylon shorts, cotton knickers and sports socks. She has to answer the questions correctly, otherwise she gets covered in sweet, sticky substances...
Louise Buttons
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    907 views
$6.25 10% off!
Here is a very scientific experiment. Previously, we had tested post-it notes on Louise. The idea was to see if sticking things on her naked body would cause any skin problems. This experiment was to see if sticking chocolate buttons on her skin w...
Jodie Outside
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    2488 views
$7.00 10% off!
Odie doing an outside scene for us, ably assisted by her boyfriend, now known as my glamourous assistant. It was Jodie's third wam set of the day and it was going to be the messiest, so we decided to do it outside. Fortunately it was quite warm tha...
Nicola Beans
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1154 views
$8.50 10% off!
She knew it was going to be very messy, so first we laid down a large plastic sheet. Nicola then lays down on it naked and prepares for the worst. Custard is one of our favourites, so on with a good layer. Rub it in Nicola! What about some fruit?...
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Jess Gets Her P.E Kit All Messy
Added 3/11/11    By Yammie    8867 views
$19.99 10% off!
Jess has lots of messy fun in the garden wearing her P.E. kit from School. We set up a custard pie manufacturing station in the garden with fresh pie bases, lots of custard and cream, and of course Jess in shiny shorts, white socks, and white t-shi...
Beatrix Bliss Baby Oil Swimsuit Dildo and Custard
Added 12/24/11    By Yammie    8743 views
$15.99 10% off!
Beatrix looks fantastic in a Black wetlook swimsuit, but she doesn't think it looks wetlook enough, so gets out her baby oil and covers herself in the slippy slidey oil. Teasing you rubbing in the oil into the suit, showing off her great tits and sh...
Lorna in the Kitchen.
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1191 views
$5.50 10% off!
Lorna in the kitchen. She had never done a wam shoot before so was very enthusiastic about it. We did a quite simple set, in the kitchen, nude, where she pours custard all over herself. But to top it off and make it look pretty we added some choco...
Taz Mess
Added 5/9/15    By Yammie    1677 views
$7.50 10% off!
We had seen some of Tazmin's fine art nude pics and were inspired by them to create this colorful video. She starts off naked, laying on a plastic sheet. She then assumes the fetal position and my assistant pours yellow custard all over her back....
Lyndzey Trifle
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    790 views
$6.25 10% off!
Lyndzey follows the instructions and shows us all how to make a trifle. First get the ingredients: fruit, custard, cream and some syrup (that wasn't on the list lyndzey!). Next find a place to prepare the trifle. Hmmm. Where to make it? "I know,...
Tracey Messy Custard & Tomato Swimsuit
Added 8/19/10    By Yammie    7414 views
$10.01 10% off!
Tracey was having lots of fun at our cottage, enjoying wearing swimsuits and using the cottage's garden. But she wanted to do something different. So we got a paddling pool setup in the garden and and gave her a sparkling clean white swimsuit. and...
BBW Milf Storm Leotard Custard & Tomatoes
Added 7/11/10    By Yammie    7928 views
$12.99 10% off!
Storm is a sexy milf BBW who loves to do things differently. In this video she starts in a gold wetlook leotard, with custard and tomato puree to use. She doesn't waste any time and pours the custard inside the leotard 'til it starts seeping out....
Louise Mess
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1070 views
$12.00 10% off!
Cold Custard on the Kitchen floor. Louise is naked from the start in this video. Louise comes from Yorkshire in England and has a great Yorkshire accent. The video is set in Louise's kitchen. She has prepared it for the mess by laying towels down...
Faith on the Floor
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    1142 views
$11.00 10% off!
Naked, she lays on a black plastic sheet ready for the mess. First we pour a layer of red custard right the way down her right side, top to tail. This is followed by a layer of green custard down her left side. She then sits up so we can pour lim...
Jamies Floor Fun
Added 4/30/15    By Yammie    1003 views
$7.00 10% off!
She then sits up and has green custard poured all over her right-hand side, breasts, body, and leg. Next comes the red custard, this time on her left side and leg. There is more to come as we pour some over her head, getting her hair very messy. T...
Nina and Custard
Added 5/7/15    By Yammie    1551 views
$5.00 10% off!
Another nice simple video starring Nina. Nina is the only model I have used who didn't really want to be nude so we decided that a skin-coloured thong would be ok to wear. So, naked, apart from the thong, she walks into the kitchen, opens the cupbo...
Nati Spandex Lycra Leotard & Custard
Added 4/23/10    By Yammie    11523 views
$9.99 10% off!
Nati had never done any wet & messy videos before but I persuaded her to give it a go as she looked so cute & sexy in the tight Swimsuits & Spandex in her other videos on So we got her dressed in a Slver Thong Leotard with a load of...
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Lyndzey 2parts
Added 5/12/15    By Yammie    1530 views
$8.50 10% off!
Part 1 Lyndzey sits in an indestructible chair and waits. Her boyfriend applies the mess, first pouring custard all over while Lyndzey spreads it all over her naked body. Now for some squirty cream. Nice work if you can get it, but we need some d...
Demi in Her Messy Bath
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1919 views
$11.00 10% off!
At last we did a set with Demi Scott. We have wanted to work with the Yorkshire model for a long time and here is the first video from that set. Demi choose to do it in her bath. Do what? Well how about pink custard followed by green custard, the...
Anna Spandex Custard Catsuit
Added 6/1/10    By Yammie    7857 views
$9.99 10% off!
In this video, Anna covers her shiny black spandex catsuit in sticky yellow custard. It slides over the spandex and she dribbles it down the inside of the catsuit against her skin. She thought it was very cold but really enjoyed getting all messy!
Sam in Custard Undies
Added 5/8/15    By Yammie    2505 views
$8.00 10% off!
Could it be that she didn't want to get her hair messy? It's a simple video thoough. To start with, Sam strips out of her yellow silk bra and pants (but keeps the helmet on) and lays on a plastic sheet. This could get messy. My assistant is told...
Custard and Coco Pops
Added 5/1/15    By Yammie    870 views
$5.50 10% off!
We start with her already laying naked in the bath when a hand appears, passing her the first course: custard. She pours it on herself and spreads it all over. The mystery hand then passes her the packets of Cocopops which she opens and sprinkles a...
Sam Custard and Syrup
Added 4/30/15    By Yammie    1272 views
$7.00 10% off!
Well spread out on the floor, we see the amazing naked Sam. Then watch from above as various messy liquids are dripped onto her, like syrup and custard. Shot way back when digital was a dream, but everyone loves a classic
Xangel in Custard
Added 5/17/15    By Yammie    2181 views
$8.99 10% off!
Angel doesn't like the smell of custard which is a bit unfortunate as she's about to be covered in it. She starts off by stripping naked and preparing for the mess. She lays down on the floor and awaits. It comes soon enough--the first layer of cu...
Anna Spandex Custard Catsuit: Part 2
Added 6/1/10    By Yammie    6556 views
$9.99 10% off!
Anna continues to cover her not-so-shiny Black Spandex Catsuit with custard, ensuring the catsuit gets fully-covered in the sticky custard! Once she is completely covered, she rubs it into the spandex before showering clean (still dressed in the cat...
Chloe Lovette Swimsuit, Naked and Custard
Added 1/19/12    By Yammie    9721 views
$19.99 10% off!
Chloe loves making videos for her fans and one of her biggest fans asked to get her favourite swimsuit covered in custard. She starts showing off the black swimsuit in the kitchen before slowly pouring custard inside and over the suit, filling it up...
Karen Custard
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    984 views
$7.00 10% off!
My 3 favorite things are Custard, Chocopops, and naked women. What do you get if you mix them all? Well watch this video and you'll see. We start with Karen sitting naked on her living room floor. Around her are the messy things, that is 5 carton...

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