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Sam and Cheesecake
Added 11/2/18    By Yammie    1299 views
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Well you offer the model a tasty Strawberry cheesecake and what happens, they become all picky about strawberries. I think it was just a ruse to stop us thinking she was a messy eater. Shot when digital was a dream, but everyone loves a classic
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Demi and Louisa Fun
Added 6/30/18    By Yammie    1370 views
$12.00 10% off!
Well here's 4 clips, they are short, but hence the price and being a bundle of four. If you like big boobs, getting wet or messy, then this is for you. These clips show two perfect beauties, either in the shower or playing with something a little mes...
Charlotte Icing
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    903 views
$6.50 10% off!
okay so we made up sets of icing sugar in a couple of colours, to start with we see Charlotte use the pink, then the chocolate mix, the yellow and light blue. Now this takes body art to a new level.
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Jess Gets Her P.E Kit All Messy
Added 3/11/11    By Yammie    8867 views
$19.99 10% off!
Jess has lots of messy fun in the garden wearing her P.E. kit from School. We set up a custard pie manufacturing station in the garden with fresh pie bases, lots of custard and cream, and of course Jess in shiny shorts, white socks, and white t-shi...
Axa Messy Sweet PE Kit Quiz
Added 12/22/11    By Yammie    11664 views
$19.99 10% off!
Axa is summoned to our Zentai quiz master outside in her PE kit featuring a white cotton t-shirt, shiny nylon shorts, cotton knickers and sports socks. She has to answer the questions correctly, otherwise she gets covered in sweet, sticky substances...
Lyndzey Cheesecake
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    791 views
$6.00 10% off!
A simple little video starring Lyndzey is one of her slightly less-messy moments. Don't worry tho; There's still plenty of mess and plenty of bare flesh. Lyndzey walks in from the kitchen, naked, carrying a cheesecake. She sits down and delicately...
Icing Abbi
Added 4/28/15    By Yammie    1294 views
$11.00 10% off!
Well it's much more fun than icing a cake. Abbi starts off naked and gently spreads white icing down one side of herself, followed by black icing down the other. Very artistic, I'm sure you'll agree. So lets top it off with a liberal coating of ic...
Tazmin Icing
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    960 views
$8.00 10% off!
Well, messy and artistic anyway. See her as she comes for a wam shoot. She strips naked in preparation as do all our models. Just as tho she were icing a cake, she spreads white icing all over her body. Looks good but it's missing some colour. S...
Faith Baking
Added 4/30/15    By Yammie    836 views
$8.00 10% off!
Baking a cake at its messy best, who needs a bowl and all the other kitchen items. Watch as Faith shows you her special way of getting everything together and mixed. Shot before digital, but everyone loves a classic
Charlotte Pie Drop
Added 5/1/15    By Yammie    1110 views
$5.50 10% off!
So Charlotte comes into the kitchen and see's the cheesecake on the counter. Picking it up she starts to scoop the cream off the top, but in a split second, the cake slips and you hear the splat as it hits the floor. Now being a good girl, plus wan...
Nina and Her Cheesecake
Added 4/29/15    By Yammie    801 views
$4.00 10% off!
A short clip of Nina eating a cheesecake, oops did i say eating. Think most of the cake ends up over her and on the floor. Note to self, must do a shoot like this where i eat the cake, off the model. Shot when digital was a dream, but everyone lov...
Cake Fun
Added 4/30/15    By Yammie    809 views
$5.50 10% off!
Well this is not the way to eat cake, waych as Jamie walks round the house eating a fresh cream cake. Now she does this but doesnt want to destroy the cake shes eating. So in comes the spare and what a mess.

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