Lyndzey 2parts
"2 part messy wonder"

Part 1

Lyndzey sits in an indestructible chair and waits. Her boyfriend applies the mess, first pouring custard all over while Lyndzey spreads it all over her naked body. Now for some squirty cream. Nice work if you can get it, but we need some different colours so black treacle is dribbled over her.

Part 2

She has already had custard, squirty cream, and black treacle poured on her by her boyfriend. So what next? How about some fruit pie filing spread on her, followed by more custard--blue custard--and lots and lots more black treacle. We had some squirty cream left from part one so lets not waste it. More mess, more fun.

File count:2
Total size:107.25 MB
Total runtime:8 mins, 49 secs
Date added:5/12/15
Scene ID:14263
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