Axa Messy Sweet PE Kit Quiz
"Our Zentai Quiz Master Questions Axa with Sweet Messy Forefits."

Axa is summoned to our Zentai quiz master outside in her PE kit featuring a white cotton t-shirt, shiny nylon shorts, cotton knickers and sports socks.

She has to answer the questions correctly, otherwise she gets covered in sweet, sticky substances! Which is of course what the quiz master wants.

1st Question... Wrong! Cream over her head--Watch it cover her hair and run down her t-shirt over her tits.

2nd Question... Wrong! Chocolate Cake to the Bum!

3rd Question... Wrong! Custard to the hair and chest.

4th Question... Wrong! Cream inside her cotton panties and a chocolate cake to her bum and inside!

5th Question... Wrong! Pie to the face and more custard + strawberry sauce...

But Axa gets her own back at the end, pulling our quizmaster into the ring and covering his Zentai Catsuit in Mess!

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Total runtime:23 mins, 17 secs
Date added:12/22/11
Year produced:2011
Scene ID:3343
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